“A master of origami said he tried to express with paper the joy of life,
and the last thought before a man dies.”
Cit. Tor Udall

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!, Studio Morison, 2019
Folding kiosk, Make Architects for Canary Wharf Ice Sculpturing Festival in London, 2014
Kaleidos basket, Naoko Shintani for Alessi, 2015
Red drop Christmas Collection, Uros Mihic, 2014
PLI.Ē Project, Melika Dez e Pauline Loctin, 2019
Paper sculpture, Elena Salmistraro, 2010
Wooden Textile n.01, Elisa Strozyk
Reign Restaurant in Dubai, Shape Architects and Jad Ghostine with Wood-Skin, 2014