The Highest Standards of Visionary Personalised Design in Saudi Arabia
The Highest Standards of Visionary Personalised Design in Saudi Arabia
The Highest Standards of Visionary Personalised Design in Saudi Arabia
The Highest Standards of Visionary Personalised Design in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to developing the best creative concepts and producing the highest standards of design that is flawlessly executed, Sazar Design proudly stands out in the Saudi Arabian property market. Their highly expert team of engineers and designers are dedicated to constantly furthering their understanding of what they describe as the scientific art of interior design. In this quest their goal is to enhance the relevant space they work with, both inside and out, to create an environment for every client that is both healthier and more aesthetically pleasing as a finished article.

The company was established in 2013 with a vision to deliver world-class interior design concepts across a wide range of projects, both residential and commercial. The full house design firm pride themselves on working closely with each and every client, listening to their hopes and dreams to tailor the project to their individual taste. Their experienced team brings an impressively varied skillset to the process, which involves in-depth attention to detail and awareness of budgetary limitations. Their goal is to always create a finished product that delights the client’s heart, mind and soul while also fulfilling all the necessary practical functions.

The company’s commitment to excellence and focussed customer service has been recognised with an impressive accolade from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This is the second year in a row that Sazar Design has been the recipient of such a prestigious award. In 2021 they were a previous winner in the category of Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design in Saudi Arabia for their work on the Beef Stock restaurant. For this they came up with an edgy industrial design to create a unique contemporary informal American diner-style restaurant with their innovative use of colour, lighting, furnishing and indoor planting.

This year Sazar Design has been acknowledged for their exceptional work on The Modern Villa. This private residential villa has been developed with a striking contemporary facade which uses angled geometric shapes and lines. Different materials have been selected to create a visual contrast throughout, making a strong design statement. Floor-to-ceiling windows help to create a modern, light-filled interior and the walled courtyards and expansive roof top offer plant of space for relaxed outdoor living. The geometric pattern that has been added to the main elevation of the building adds a further decorative element as well as bringing increased privacy to the higher windows.

The stylish new home has been declared a winner by the panel of experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best LuxuryArchitecture (single residential project) for The Modern Villa in Saudi Arabia. A well-deserved accolade for a visionary design company that continues to set the highest of standards in innovative design in Saudi Arabia.

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