An Interview with Hossam Shams, CEO at Concept Elite, Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Egypt
An Interview with Hossam Shams, CEO at Concept Elite, Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Egypt
An Interview with Hossam Shams, CEO at Concept Elite, Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Egypt
An Interview with Hossam Shams, CEO at Concept Elite, Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Egypt

Intro: The Dubai real estate investment market can provide great opportunities, and a lot of it depends on who your guide is on this exciting journey. Concept Elite, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Egypt, helps you discover more than just investments, but a new, upscale lifestyle and global citizenship. Hossam Shams, CEO, has kindly agreed to tell us more about Concept Elite and the prospects that smart investments offer.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Please introduce yourself to the audience. What is your professional background?

Hossam Shams: I’m Egyptian-Lebanese, traveled the world, and have always been determined with being well-known for my immense work ethic and grit. With over 22 years of expertise in the industry of Finance, I’ve built enterprises and developed estates from the ground up in over 6 countries. My operating companies’ revenues are worth $2BN. Working in MNC’s crossing all fields in the business. As a VP in finance affairs in international companies, and a group CFO for four companies for more than 12 years, and a board of directors since 2010, my experience is inevitable when it comes to investments and building new businesses. I strive to be a leading powerhouse in the industry.

LLA: What is Concept Elite? Give us a brief description of the company.

HS: I established Concept Elite in 2017 in Dubai, then expanded to Egypt in 2018. We specialize in the real estate market worldwide, from UAE to Europe, as well as Dual Citizenship through investments. Selling luxury real estate in Dubai to yachts and private jets is our forte. Concept Elite is as the brand says, a new Concept for the Elite client. We do things differently, not your average brokerage, my professional team is well-connected globally and makes anything happen, anywhere.

LLA: What, in your opinion, is the key to successful investment in Dubai real estate?

HS: Having a trusted Investment Specialist that will advise you in the right direction, fits your needs, and knows the market trajectory that will lead you to the best possible outcome.

LLA: Why is Dubai such an attractive investment market?

HS: Dubai has proven to be the most stable market in real estate, along with being a tax-free country, having a stable currency, and paving the way for future possibilities.

LLA: What changes or trends have you seen in the investment market in recent years, and how do you see it developing in the near future?

HS: Cryptocurrency. Accepting cryptocurrency for investments in real estate, and Dubai is one of the markets that are leading this realm thus far.

LLA: One of the services Concept Elite provides is assistance in choosing and buying real estate. How do your experts help buyers make the right choice and make it through the transaction without stress?

HS: Our experts know the process could be quite overwhelming for clients, especially when investing abroad. We make it a point to be involved and stay involved through all the stages of the property transaction process to ensure the client gets the best deal possible.

LLA: Are there any universal recommendations for investing and buying property in Dubai that you could give based on your experience?

HS: Buy from reputed companies, ensure that the developer of choice has a good delivery track record, investing in near-completion properties, and select projects from developers with sound financial health.

LLA: Concept Elite offers support in applying for second citizenship. How challenging is this procedure?

HS: It’s actually a very simple process because we handle everything for our clients from the top-bottom, therefore, it’s a hassle-free journey.

LLA: What opportunities does second citizenship open for your clients?

HS: They become a global citizen. It’s as simple as that. Opportunities are endless.

LLA: How can you comment on Concept Elite winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

HS: It’s been with great pleasure winning the award. And now, we are looking forward to many more to come.

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