KXL Studio: Where Artistry Meets Functionality in Contemporary Design
KXL Studio: Where Artistry Meets Functionality in Contemporary Design
KXL Studio: Where Artistry Meets Functionality in Contemporary Design

KXL Studio, a renowned architectural firm founded by Andrei Nistor, has been making waves in the industry with its exceptional designs and groundbreaking projects. The company recently achieved a significant milestone by winning a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Apartment Architecture in 2023, for their outstanding work on UP-site, a project located in Bucharest, Romania.

From the very beginning, Architect Andrei Nistor envisioned a team that would embody his core values of involvement, passion for aesthetics, and innovation. This vision gave rise to a group of young professionals who share a common goal of creating urban spaces and functional buildings that harmoniously blend with their surroundings while offering visual delight and catering to the needs of the people they serve. Over the course of 16 years, KXL Studio has consistently demonstrated their expertise and versatility by successfully completing diverse and complex projects both domestically and internationally, including in Switzerland and France.

Nature serves as a significant source of inspiration for KXL Studio. They believe in emulating the way nature balances its elements to create visually pleasing and sustainable frameworks. This philosophy is evident in their creative concepts, which leverage innovative designs, materials, and natural light to achieve both aesthetic appeal and sustainability.

One of the distinguishing features of KXL Studio is their unwavering focus on understanding and fulfilling the unique aspirations and requirements of their clients. The company believes in engaging in constructive dialogues and maintaining an attentive ear to ensure the best possible outcome for every project.

To cater to their clients’ needs comprehensively, KXL Studio has diversified their range of services and now offers a package of integrated professional solutions. These services include architecture, design, restoration, urban planning, technical services, and consultancy in civil, industrial, and road construction. By doing so, the company aims to streamline project implementation and ensure the highest standards of quality throughout the development process.

Collaboration lies at the heart of KXL Studio’s approach. They value maintaining close and proactive relationships with their clients, enabling them to identify and translate requirements into sustainable solutions. By constantly striving to improve process quality, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction, KXL Studio ensures that their clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

KXL Studio ensures that their team remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering top-class projects by prioritizing the continuous professional development of their employees and encouraging training activities.

In their pursuit of delivering results to the highest quality standards, KXL Studio employs professional software variants from renowned manufacturers in the field. Utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), they create realistic 3D images that vividly portray the completed project. This allows clients to visualize the end result with accuracy and clarity.

The UP-site project, scheduled for completion in October 2023, stands as a testament to KXL Studio’s commitment to sustainable practices. This remarkable project, situated in Bucharest, Romania, features a full glass façade and incorporates ingenious construction and engineering solutions. Notable sustainable features include fresh air circulation equipment, rainwater retention for irrigation, a high energy-efficient centralized cooling and heating system, an exterior “brise soleil” for shading, bike facilities, green areas covering over 38% of the land, and fast-charging parking spots for electric vehicles.

The success of UP-site would not have been possible without the collaboration of esteemed partners. Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos provided concept design expertise, Kickland Proiect Consult SRL managed the general design, Pipe Design served as the MEP designer, BTD Construct & Ambient functioned as the general contractor, and DI&A Design contributed as the structural engineer.

To learn more about this award-winning firm, visit https://kxl.ro/

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