Botanica Luxury Phuket Manifests Nature-Inspired Living
Botanica Luxury Phuket Manifests Nature-Inspired Living
Botanica Luxury Phuket Manifests Nature-Inspired Living
Botanica Luxury Phuket Manifests Nature-Inspired Living

Botanica Luxury Phuket Co. Ltd., has secured the title of Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Thailand at the 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The company’s commitment to a “Luxury way of life that harmoniously incorporates nature, refined living & responsible development” has set new benchmarks in the industry.

At the heart of Botanica’s success lies the promise of customizable luxury living. The company specializes in residential developments and ensures that every project is tailored to meet the unique preferences and needs of its clients.

The Three Pillars of Sustainable Happiness: Nature, Design, and Quality

Nature: Botanica Luxury Phuket recognizes the significance of nature in human well-being. Their projects seamlessly integrate with the natural environment, providing a sanctuary where residents can connect with the elements. The villas are surrounded by lush greenery, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Design: Guided by CEO Mr. Attasit Intarachooti, an architect with a passion for his craft, Botanica Luxury Phuket presents three distinct design options: Modern Luxury, Modern Loft, and the timeless Tropical Balinese. Each design is a masterpiece, a fusion of art and architecture that aims to delight, inspire, and transform.

Quality: Setting itself apart, Botanica places a premium on quality. The selection of the finest materials, coupled with smart design interventions, ensures that each villa is the embodiment of distinction. Smart orientation, a design intervention implemented at the planning stage, underscores the commitment to quality without compromise.

In a groundbreaking move, Botanica Luxury Phuket announces a three-month initiative providing long-term visa support for foreign clients. This opportunity eliminates typical immigration hassles, allowing clients and their families to seamlessly integrate into the Botanica lifestyle.

Explore the myriad versions of living and design at Botanica Luxury Phuket. Different locations, surroundings, and designs offer a plethora of choices, ensuring that there’s a perfect home for everyone. Meticulously chosen materials not only guarantee the highest quality but also reflect the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly living.

Thank you to the team at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for this wonderful recognition. We are so glad to be able to share our projects with the world, and we hope this award brings further awareness about our company”, says Mr. Attasit Intarachooti.

With a diverse range of designs across different locations, Botanica Luxury Phuket invites you to embrace the lifestyle of your dreams. To learn more about the award-winning company and its diverse range of projects, visit

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