Our environmental impact on the planet has increasingly become a concern, mobilizing everyday consumers to act and find solutions. The hospitality industry, albeit slow in taking action, has seen green initiatives flourishing globally. However, few are as bold as Ventrus (van·tru).

Guillaume Chupeau’s lifelong vision – to build an environmentally-conscious ephemeral restaurant with a view – came to fruition last October. “The world is full of breathtaking views with too few restaurants to enjoy them”, he said in a recent interview. So why not create the first nomadic restaurant that leaves a minimal impact on the landscape that hosts it?

As innovative as it is beautiful, this modular wooden and glass structure was designed by architect François Muracciole. Conceived to “settle down for a season wherever it finds an extraordinary view, it continuously re-invents itself to the land on which it sits.”

Ephemeral, but nonetheless warm and welcoming, this cabin lives to the beat of its diverse hosts. As nomadic as the building itself, the chefs take residency for a short period of time, during which they bring the local terroir to life, creating well-balanced and creative seasonal dishes.

© Anne-Claire Héraud

Efficient in its assembly (less than a week) and sustainable in its design,Ventrus has the flexibility and freedom to go wherever the wind takes it, always preserving the landscapes it temporarily inhabits. The restaurants ethos lies in a sustainably virtuous model of waste recycling, water filtration (using 80% less water than a standard restaurant) and efficient energy consumption, in collaboration with various start-ups (Les Alchimistes, Inovaya, Weco).

© Anne-Claire Héraud &© Jeanne Perrotte

Following its debut in the Parc de la Villette in Paris, Ventrus has now packed its bags for the Summer months, heading south to the Château d’Avignon in Camargue. (Re)discover the nomadic restaurant in Paris in Autumn before it heads off again to new horizons.

Cover photo credits: © Anne-Claire Héraud