Regarded by international critics as the world’s best pâtissier, Cédric Grolet was catapulted into the spotlight in a matter of years. A true Master of his art, he is the embodiment of the new up-and-coming generation of chefs.

© Cédric Grolet

Drawn to the world of pastry-making since childhood, he confided his desire to “make beautiful cakes” early on. Starting in the kitchen of his family’s hotel, Grolet’s hard work and eye-for-detail saw him rapidly grow in his formative years under Pascal Liotier’s tutelage.

In 2006, he moved to Paris to work at the renowned Fauchon – an institution wherein countless pastry-chefs have made their mark.
Having spent years refining his skills, Grolet joined Le Meurice in 2012 as Sous-Chef and then Pastry Chef (chef pâtissier). Under the guidance of Yannick Alléno and later Alain Ducasse, Grolet made a name for himself, earning him awards and distinctions around the globe – ‘Best Pastry Chef of the Year’ (Le Chef, 2015), ‘Best Pastry Chef’ (Gault&Millau, 2017) and ‘Best Pastry Chef in the World 2018’ (The World’s 50 Best Restaurants).

© Cédric Grolet & © François Deshayes

Cédric Grolet is known the world over for his intricately delicate creations. His interpretations of traditional pâtisseries as well as his innovative creations, such as rose-shaped apple tarts or his famous Rubik’s Cube, never cease to amaze for their technical prowess and high precision.

However, it was the Hazelnut that brought on Grolet’s worldwide notoriety. Under a gold chocolate-sculpted shell, a light hazelnut mousse encloses a creamy caramel and praline filling – a masterfully designed explosion of flavours. Lemons, pears, tangerines, apples and avocados followed suit. Striking with realism, these signature desserts ‘en trompe l’œil’ – an artistic technique which creates optical illusions – highlight the fruit both visually and tastefully. Reproduced to perfection, they are difficulty discernable from their real counterparts.

© Calvin Courjon & © Cédric Grolet

An ever-growing success, Grolet opened his first independent shop in 2019 in Paris (Cédric Grolet Opéra) followed by London earlier this year (Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley).

True to his belief that “beauty brings them in, but taste brings them back”, the pastry-chef extraordinaire with over 2.5 million followers will never cease to perfect his creations and their flavours.

Cover photo credits: © Pierre Monetta