Have you ever thought about what influences the way you eat?
Food and its consumption varies greatly based on a multitude of factors. Rethinking our approach to food and its rituals are ways to break the boundaries of what is believed to be the norm. Food Design questions the status-quo around taste, shape, colour, the 5 senses and our relationship to food itself. So set your forks, knives, spoons and other utensils aside and embrace some new entertaining ways of eating with Miit Studio.

© Aude Lemaitre

Playfulness, creativity and flavour are all common themes leading French creative duo Miit Studio within their practice. Setting themselves appart in the fast-paced world of catering and events, co-founders Léa Bougeault and Aude Laznowski imagined and designed a series of experiential food units. Minimalist in form and efficient in their assembly, these wooden modules adapt to any venue or situation. More than simple objects they become platforms on which the food is staged, inviting the guests to get involved in the experience of designing their own dish.

© Sébastien Jourdain & © Jan Keith Kawa Chan & © Miit Studio

From citrus-laden walls, biscuits hanging on slabs of wood and amuse-bouche’s served on origami shapes, to more elaborate structures, such as their artfully named ‘Bar à râper’ (i.e grating bar) and ‘Tartinomètre’ (i.e toast-o-metre) Miit Studio’s creativity knows no bounds. The former sees guests garnishing their dish with their choice of grated toppings, while the latter invites them to fully compose their piece of toast from a selection of ingredients directly onto a 1 metre-long baguette.

© Aude Lemaitre

By working alongside chefs and expert artisans for the food production side of their business, Miit Studio can fully focus their attention on the design of the experience itself. Convivial moments, that leave no guest indifferent, their events range from small intimate gatherings to larger ones, the likes of product launches and press events. The food takes centre stage, as a malleable material that can be infinitely harnessed and redefined. Flavours, colours, textures, ingredients and the way we eat become sensory communication tools in tune with the event at hand. So if your curiosity has been itched, let’s break some food boundaries!

Cover photo credits: © Aude Lemaitre