architecture contest: and the winners are...

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Every two years, from February to July, Europe is the stage of X-Factor for architects: Europan. Not a TV show with spry producers or tattooed rappers, but THE call for ideas, an international competition open to every architect - talented or presumed ones - exclusively aged under-40.

The entire Europe takes part, with thousands of architects (who inevitably raise the level of the competition) who choose one or more project areas among those proposed by the organizer around Europe, focusing on a topical issue of general interest: this year the "productive city". The fourteenth edition, ended with the announcement of the winners last month, marked the (usual) incredible numbers: 44 cities-case studies, scattered in 13 different European countries, from Spain to Poland, from Italy to Finland; 1003 submitted projects of 1223 registrations, coming from 35 different countries; 244 shortlisted projects, of which 136 rewarded: 41 winners, 47 runners-up, 48 ​​special mentions.
In this sea of ​​projects there are wonderful drawings, visionary ideas and very often young architects destined to a sure career in the near future.

As I am an avid participant (always defeated!), here’s my selection, the best of the best, without a precise rule: sometimes the project, sometimes a drawing, others a simple detail or the general glance. Do you ever experience a love at first sight? I do, very often, in architecture as in life.

Exposed City
Winner in Alcoy, Spain

Langarita Navarro
Victor Navarro, María Langarita, Policarpo Del Canto, Adrian Ubeda, Monica De La Peña

Ny Karla
Runner-up in Karlskrona, Sweden

DUE atelier
Mariachiara Mondini, Giulia Ragnoli

The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
Special mention in Zwickau, Germany

Magdalena Müller, Philipp Fink

Runner-up in Linz, Austria.

Sedicigradi Atelier
Andrea Chiarelli, Enrico Ferraresi, Giacomo Magnani, Gabriella Dora Romito

Good Morning City!
Special mention in Graz, Austria.

Natalia Vera Vigaray, Francisco Javier Martin Dominguez, Tijn Van De Wijdeven

Winner in Amsterdam-Piarcoplein, Netherlands.

Federica Andreoni, Annachiara Bonora, Valeria Lollobattista, Mattia Biagi, Marco Mondello, Valerio Socciarelli